They love your program so much I cannot thank you enough for providing such stimulating, entertaining and educational activities.

Mom of Scarlett and Lucy

Thanks! My daughter came home talking about Claude Monet like he was some guest visitor that came to your class today ?. She is really enjoying Art Smarts!!

Thank you so much for everything you did this year for Reed. He had an amazing experience in your program and learned so much. He would come home talking nonstop about all the fun projects and work you did together. The amount of thought and creativity that you put into each day is incredible and I feel so lucky that Reed got to be a part of it. I wish you all the best in the future and thank you again!!

Sara DelRosso

Thank you for putting on a wonderful science enrichment program. Our son enjoyed his extended days and the curriculum kept him engaged and excited to learn. Have a great summer and see you next year.

Thank you so much for all that you do! Every morning Jackson and Nathan ask if they're having “downstairs school with Miss Sue.” They always get every excited when I tell them that they are that day.


Morgan has been loving camp!! When someone asked her where she goes to school, she said “camp.” Have a great rest of the summer!


I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful year for Luke. He LOVED his after school classes, and he learned so much. We can't wait to see you again when William is ready for after school at Pound Ridge Play School! Thank you again so much!!! it was an amazing experience. Always feel free to give out my number if anyone needs a reference for your programs.

Katie Sise

Thank you so much for a most wonderful year with both boys! You have such a gift for what you do and we feel so lucky that our boys so greatly benefited from that. It's difficult to capture a year's worth of gratitude in one note, but please know that we are especially grateful for how much you captured their imaginations, and introduced them to so many wonderful new concepts and artists, and helped instill a genuine love of learning. Also, thank you especially for your patience when it comes to boy energy and attention spans. We are so looking forward to many more years with you and want to thank you again for everything. Much Love,

The Peter's

We were at the MOMA this weekend and we were amazed by our 4 year old's son interest in the art work.

Lucas' Mom

My daughter is enrolled in this enrichment program at the Pound Ridge Community Church two days a week. I am thrilled with the results!!! I highly recommend this educational opportunity for any child in our community.

Helena De Vengoechea Rudd

Thank you so much for all that you did to make Daniel's year so enjoyable! He enjoyed being part of “Lunch Bunch” and doing a little art project each Friday. Have a great summer and we will see you next year! Love,

Daniel and Family

Ella misses you too! She talked about you so much when we were in Italy — she had a blast sharing her knowledge about Michelangelo when we were roaming the streets of Pietrasanta – my in-laws were blown away (you got full credit :-))! You really made an impact! She kept hoping we would see you :-). Kindergarten starts for her next Thursday — my heart is aching! But I am excited for her, and for Connor to continue at SMS and in your amazing programs. Have a wonderful trip and we look forward to seeing you this fall.

Chrissie Irwin