Mondays: Tinkering and Engineering with Literature

Bedford Learning CenterOur young children need even more opportunities to play, explore, and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is our belief that early exposure and getting kids excited about STEM, will help prepare them for future life challenges. What do young children have in common with scientists and engineers? They all “tinker”- taking things apart, putting things together, figuring out how things work, and using tools to build and create. When faced with a problem, they ask questions, make plans, work together, test their ideas, solve problems, and share their creations with others. Building on children’s natural inclinations we will present children with engineering challenges they can’t resist and plunges them into figuring out solutions using science, math, and engineering concepts. Many of the problems will come from classic and modern children’s picture books. We will use everyday materials and STEM concepts to design and build solutions to problems faced by characters in their favorite books. We will build bridge to help the “Three Billy Goats” to cross, we will create and rebuild a chair for Baby Bear that Goldilocks can not break. Each design challenge is designed to spark a genuine love for tinkering, making and engineering.

Tuesdays: Leap Smart-Creative Movement

Bedford Learning CenterChildren do not learn through just listening, watching, or moving. They learn through a combination of these concepts. We have developed our programs to include every kind of learner. LeapSmart’s active learning games encourage problem solving, sharpen literacy and math skills and teach emotional and physical self-control. Connections quickly develop between mind and body. With a variety of music, props and action cards each Creative Movement program is a joyful and educational movement experience. LeapSmart teachers guide the children on a journey that inspires their imaginations and channels their energy in a productive way. With new and exciting curriculum each day, children focus on problem solving, teamwork, body awareness, balance and stretching, coordination and movement invention. Curriculums are designed to focus on the cognitive, social, physical and psychological development of preschoolers.

Wednesdays: Art Smarts

Bedford Learning CenterArt is easy and fun for preschoolers. We will explore new ways to use shapes and colors to enhance drawing and painting. Children learn the fundamentals of art — color, line, shape, form and texture — by painting and drawing, making collages, fashioning three-dimensional objects out of clay, and talking about their work 3 and 4 year olds recognize patterns, learn about primary colors, and discover how to mix two colors to make a third. Vocabularies expand to include words such as “texture,” “relief,” and “overlapping.”

By creating art and looking at it, children gain an understanding of composition, balance, and symmetry. We will learn about different mediums or a famous artist each week and create our own masterpieces. Some projects will be group work, for example: murals, large collages and poster-size art. Young artists will create works of art from found objects and natural materials.

Some of the artists that we will explore:

  • Andy Warhol
  • Jackson Pollack
  • Henri Matisse
  • Picasso
  • Wassily Kandinsky
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Claude Monet
  • Paul Klee

Thursdays: Messy Math

Bedford Learning CenterThe world is a mathematical place. Math helps make sense of the world in which we live and understand the order and certainty as well as random events and their chances of happening. Everywhere there are angles, shapes, moving objects, patterns to behold, numbers to count and investigations to be undertaken. We will explore size, quantity, symbols, language, symmetry, angles, sorting, measurement, shape and patterns. On nice weather days we will use our outdoor space to create and to explore. We will take math concepts outdoors and apply them in a playful and challenging way to look at math through nature in a wondrous way. We will provide lots of ideas, suggestions, tools and activities to help children become mathematical thinkers and problem solvers who are confident and skilled in using and exploring mathematical concepts. The activities work well for children working together of different ages. Most importantly we will make Math FUN!.

Fridays “Super Soccer Stars”

Bedford Learning CenterSuper Soccer Stars is the Tri-State area’s most popular soccer development program for children. Super Soccer Stars currently partners with early childhood school programs to offer unique in-house programming.
Our early childhood classes are non-competitive and use positive reinforcement to teach children soccer skills in a fun, engaging, and educational environment.

Our age-specific curriculum focuses on technical improvement, tactical decision making and leadership development. Classes are created to guarantee that each player is learning to enhance decision-making, creativity, and confidence on the ball.
Our unique age-specific curriculum is designed by a combination of education, behavioral, and soccer specialists to ensure that each child is developing skills, improving their self-confidence, and having a blast.